Ergonomic machine learning for everyone.
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It's our mission to make it possible for every user, casual or enterprise leverage the power of autoML in any workflow.
Support through our open collective campaign. All money will be used to fund both the publicity and development costs of libra.
Top Articles
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to solve complex machine learning problems quickly and without extensive knowledge of the amazing TensorFlow or PyTorch frameworks?
With the rise of machine learning, we have seen the rise of many great frameworks and libraries like sci-kit learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch. These frameworks have made it easier for users to create machine learning models easily.
This python library ‘Libra’ automates the end-to-end machine learning process with just one line of code. Libra is built for both software developers and non-technical users.
Choosing the best model is a key step after feature selection in any data science projects. This process consists of using the best algorithms (supervised, unsupervised) for obtaining the best predictions.
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