Why choose Libra?

The recent emergence of machine learning has given rise to hundreds of different frameworks, so why would you use Libra? Here's why libra outperforms all these other alternatives.

We prioritize ease of use and ergonomics.

Libra is the nexus of modern machine learning

We've combined technologies from the most popular platforms to create a complete experience

Libra has a large community and many resources available

Ask a question on our GitHub, where developers are constantly responding to issues.

Join our Slack group, where the founding developers are constantly answering questions about the library.

If you're an organization, contact us today for a free webinar or information session from our founder!

Libra makes collaboration between experience levels possible

Developer Team

This is the team behind Libra. Feel free to to check us out on LinkedIn through the links below and see what we are up to!

Founder - Palash Shah

Developers - Siddharth Akalwadi , Rostam Vakhshoori , Ramya Bhaskara , Pragun Ananda , Pranav Teegavarapu , Anas Awadalla , Juan Bofill , Pratham Chhabria , Sarthak Chauhan, Goral Pahuja, Yash Himmatraka